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Gaining Insight into Google Cloud Platform Spending

Learn how Redapt helped a market intelligence company understand its Google Cloud Platform costs and optimize its features to best benefit its business.

In a nutshell . . .

When construction equipment market intelligence company Rouse was concerned it wasn’t getting enough from its costs with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Cloud referred the company to Redapt for help.

The problem

Rouse was worried about overspending on its cloud usage and failed to receive effective insight and support from its previous managed services provider. The construction equipment market intelligence company had little knowledge as to what features and tools were the most cost-intensive for its usage and were considering a departure from GCP.

The solution

Redapt performed an in-depth analysis of Rouse’s GCP deployment to provide the company with a clear and understandable picture of where its spending was going, and advised the company on which GCP tools it should utilize to optimize its operations and cloud infrastructure.

The outcome

Equipped with comprehensive insights and a full understanding of its GCP usage, Rouse redirected its budgeted resources to the appropriate cloud features while also pinpointing which aspects of GCP should be prioritized for its operations.

Moment of clarity

Rouse’s real problem was not overspending. Instead, the company was in need of meaningful direction on where to direct its spend within GCP and how to best leverage GCP’s tools and features for optimal results.


What the company needed

Rouse believed it was paying too much for cloud usage, but did not have a specific area the company could pinpoint due to a lack of insight from its previous managed services partner. The company needed clear, concise cost reports weighed against its actual business needs and guidance on how to leverage the features of GCP that were most beneficial for the company’s operations. 

Redapt generated various reports to provide the proper insights Rouse needed to understand where its spending was being directed to—and where it should go instead. Redapt experts then provided advice on right-sizing, cost billing, and performance optimizations. 

Redapt continues to consult with Rouse on a monthly basis to ensure its GCP usage remains in line with the company’s operational needs and business projections.

Redapt provided:

  • End-to-end project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Compute, storage, and network engineering
  • Skilled datacenter technicians
  • Configuration and test automation
  • International shipping logistics
  • Removal and recycling of old hardware

Our recommendation

  • Detailed billing reports to see a full breakdown of cloud costs.
  • Committed use discounts (CUDs) suggestions, which provide discounted prices in exchange for the commitment to use a minimum level of GCP resources for a specified term.
  • Monthly business reviews to monitor spending and note any concerning fluctuations in costs.
  • Seminars with Redapt and Google Cloud to provide detailed guidance and training for Rouse to better utilize GCP and its security offerings.

The end result

Through its partnership with Redapt, the AdTech organization successfully deployed hundreds of infrastructure racks to existing datacenters throughout the world.

  • Designed and installed new data infrastructure

    meeting current and future scalability needs

  • Removed and recycled old hardware

    saving the client from finding an additional vendor

  • Ongoing infrastructure monitoring and maintenance

    ensuring peak performance and identifying of issues as they arise

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