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Transforming a Rigid Application and Data Structure into a Streamlined Cloud-Native Patient Claim Processing Platform

When a northwest health solutions company targeted moving its patient claim processing application and data to the cloud, they partnered with Redapt’s cloud engineering team to migrate and modernize. 

In a nutshell

The problem

To increase business agility while reducing IT costs, this total health solutions company targeted their patient claim processing workload for migration to AWS. In addition to migration, the customer sought to modernize the application to improve monitoring and logging visibility. 

The solution

Together, Redapt and the health solutions company co-developed a cloud architecture and migration plan, in addition to utilizing Redapt’s engineering team to develop a data cleansing solution that solved challenges with personally identifiable information (PII) and HIPAA compliance.

The outcome

The application and data were successfully migrated and modernized to increase the efficiency of patient claim processing, while gaining visibility to application performance. Furthermore, the Redapt and health care teams seized the opportunity to implement a DevOps process to streamline microservices development.

Moment of clarity

After assessing the health solution company’s application portfolio, it was clear that migrating the patient claim processing application to AWS would produce immediate business value and cost savings.


What the company needed

At the onset of its cloud adoption journey, this health solutions company recognized the big advantages that greater scalability and higher availability would make to its business application and, ultimately, to its patients. From design to execution, Redapt aided in accelerating the health care company’s migration and modernization. The project required expertise in:

  • Cloud Architecture
  • DevOps 
  • Microservices Application Development
  • Data Security Models and HIPAA Compliance
  • Application Modernization 

Our recommendation

  • Migrate the application to cloud and modernize by implementing autoscaling and load-balancing features to increase application resilience and performance while managing cloud costs. 
  • Adoption of DevOps to build and deploy a data-cleansing microservice application. 
  • A comprehensive cloud application and data architecture to exceed HIPAA compliance requirements and Internal InfoSec standards. 

The end result

Through their partnership with Redapt, the health solutions company successfully and securely migrated and modernized its patient claim processing application and data to the cloud.

  • Increased application performance and reliability

    resulting in better patient and care provider experiences. 

  • Visibility to application logs

    allowing IT operations to monitor performance.

  • Firsthand engineering experience

    in cloud migration, DevOps, and microservices development.

  • Exceeded regulation requirements

    for InfoSec and HIPAA compliance. 

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