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Helping Advertising Company Verve Deal With Cloud Sticker Shock

When advertising company Verve wanted to get away from a large monthly cloud spend, they worked with us to find a new partner.

In a nutshell

The problem

Verve was overspending to run its AdTech platform on a public cloud. As their business continued to grow, that number was only going to increase.

The solution

Redapt helped Verve analyze the various cloud providers in order to find one that best matched the company’s needs. That provider was the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is a leader in the AdTech space.

The outcome

By migrating to GCP, Verve was able to immediately reduce its cloud spend. They also found a strategic partner in Google to help continue growing their business.

Moment of clarity

Verve needed a cloud provider that was not only cheaper but able to better leverage the cloud environment for AdTech platforms. As a leader in the AdTech space, GCP was a perfect fit.


What the company needed

A shift in Verve’s business model to focus more on the programmatic AdTech space resulted in the company overspending each month on cloud services. The company wanted to reduce this cost while aligning themselves to a cloud provider that could be a strategic partner for their growing business.

After extensive analysis, Redapt recommended Verve migrate their AdTech platform to GCP. We then helped the company migrate a portion of their AdTech platform as a pilot program, which revealed Verve would see immediate cost savings. At that point, we managed Verve’s full migration to GCP.

Our recommendation

  • TCO analysis aided by tools such as Cloud Physics to objectively prove cost savings.

  • Development of a full migration strategy in partnership with Verve and the Google Account Team.

  • Hashicorp Terraform Automation that would help in the provisioning of AdTech services in GCP.

  • GKE in GCP and modernized services running in VMs to containers as part of the migration.

The end result

By making a full migration of its AdTech platform to GCP, Verve as able to utilize a much more sustainable environment.

  • Large reduction

    in cloud spend without a loss of services.

  • Greater flexibility

    via development tools such as GKE.

  • A strategic partner

     in the AdTech platform space.

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