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Optimizing's AWS Environment engaged with Redapt to help expand its data warehouse, optimize its AWS environment, and cut down on operational costs.

In a nutshell ... needed to optimize its AWS environment and cut down on operational costs. They reached out to Redapt for guidance and support. 

The Problem

The organization didn’t have the experience and bandwidth to govern a well-architected AWS cloud infrastructure platform, manage resource consumption, and optimize infrastructure costs.   

The Solution

When needed help optimizing its AWS environment and reducing cloud costs, Redapt assisted with sizing and delivering a solution based on Snowflake consumption in AWS. 

The Outcome

Redapt’s experts helped discover the right AWS services to improve business results and lower costs. Using the CloudHealth tool, we were able to optimize cloud utilization for the company and help reduce overall cloud costs so that they could get the most out of their budget. The tool and our team helped free up resources for the company which allowed them to deliver its services to its customers while meeting governance and compliance standards.

Moment of clarity

After receiving their largest invoice in quite some time, realized it needed Redapt’s assistance with its reserved instances, finding a suitable savings plan to optimize its environment, navigating an Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) that would help them save upwards of one million dollars, and help managing a scalable optimized environment with governance controls.

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What needed didn’t know how to manage and optimize its Amazon spend as it increased over time. They needed entry-level support centered around billing, cloud, optimization with reserved instances, and savings plans that would help their business flourish.

Our recommendation

Redapt provided a compelling AWS Managed Services offering that would help bridge the experience and expertise gap needed. The offering included: 

  • Guidance through AWS decision-making process and provisioning of resources.
  • Cloud optimization reporting to get the fastest performance at the lowest cost. Our optimization reports helped determine what best fits its business needs. 
  • Guidance on implementation.

The end result

  • The Snowflake solution was the right fit for their business needs.
  • The client cut down on costs with CloudHealth and optimized its AWS environment.

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