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Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure Costs During COVID

When innovative pet product company Petcube wanted to improve its business resilience during the global pandemic, it partnered with Redapt to optimize its cloud infrastructure costs.

In a nutshell

Like most businesses, technology company Petcube was hit with challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those challenges was the cost of its cloud infrastructure.

Looking to control its cloud services spend, the company partnered with Redapt to optimize utilization while still maintaining the stellar performance its customers expect.

The problem

Due to the global pandemic, Petcube was seeking ways to conserve capital. One of its biggest ongoing expenses was on cloud infrastructure services.

The solution

As a Premier Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner, Redapt was able to secure a deal that granted Petcube a substantial economic benefit.

The outcome

Through the new agreement, Petcube was able to weather the pandemic lockdowns and create the runway it needed to achieve business continuity up to and beyond the critical holiday shopping season.

Moment of clarity

When the company came to Redapt knowing it wanted to expand its business in terms of advertising revenue, Redapt’s team of experts determined the best course of action was a library that the company’s partners could use across mobile platforms, as well as management tools to provide communication and deliver relevant content.

work from home pet

What the company needed

Petcube designs and builds innovative pet companion devices to help pet owners monitor and interact with their pets while away from home.

When COVID-19 lockdowns began, the company—like so many across industries—needed to reduce operational expenses to ensure business continuity.

After auditing its own operations, Petcube determined there was a lot of potential for cost savings in its cloud infrastructure—it just needed help achieving those savings.

Our recommendation

Due to Redapt’s strong relationship with GCP, we determined the platform would be an ideal partner to help Petcube reduce costs. Working with Petcube, we helped the company secure a mutually beneficial agreement with GCP that not only helped keep the company afloat but strengthened its partnership with the cloud provider.

The end result

By quickly putting the credits to work, Petcube was able to create a vital runway for its operations to continue during the lockdown:

  • Substantial expense reduction in cloud costs through a new GCP contract
  • Breathing room to continue operations until the vital holiday shopping season arrived
  • Stronger partnership with GCP and Redapt going forward

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