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Taking RepairPal to Google Cloud

When the innovative car care company wanted to begin using the Google Cloud Platform, it partnered with Redapt to make their migration a smooth one.

In a nutshell

The problem

RepairPal wanted to migrate to GCP but lacked the institutional knowledge to do so confidently.

The solution

Redapt helped RepairPal gain a better knowledge of GCP and Kubernetes (K8s) and oversaw a smooth migration to the cloud.

The outcome

RepairPal now uses and maintains an architecture that can elegantly scale with traffic growth and fluctuations.

Moment of clarity

After learning about RepairPal’s needs, we determined that running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) would provide RepairPal with the best platform for microservice density and scalability.

Redapt’s knowledge of Kubernetes put us on the right path and carried us forward… It’s clear they are a knowledgeable, dedicated group with a great attitude.

Jim Castillo Vice President of Engineering RepairPal

What the company needed

RepairPal’s engineering team was eager to move to GCP because they believe it would further optimize their website, allow them to easily scale to accommodate growth and traffic fluctuations, and enhance performance monitoring — all while lowering infrastructure costs.

While the team was already well-versed in using AWS and ECS, they needed more experience with GCP and Kubernetes before making the migration.

Our recommendation

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as the best platform for microservice density and scalability.
  • Google Stackdriver to measure infrastructure performance.
  • Migration assistance to make the move to GCP without disrupting customers.

The end result

Through its partnership with Redapt, RepairPal was able to:

  • Smoothly migrate to GCP

    without RepairPal customers noticing a difference in service.

  • Gain greater insight into infrastructure performance

    by employing Google Stackdriver.

  • Lower infrastructure costs

    while also gaining the ability to easily scale to accommodate growth.

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