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Scaling Cloud Infrastructure to Expand Within Larger Markets

When Care Coordination Systems (CCS)—a healthcare solutions company based in Akron, Ohio—decided to increase its market to include the West Coast, CCS partnered with Redapt to scale up its cloud-based infrastructure.

In a nutshell

Traditional healthcare models have relied on a reactionary system that delivers treatment to patients in response to urgent needs. Care Coordination Systems turns this model on its head, utilizing assessment tools to identify at-risk individuals and enroll these patients into programs that effectively meet their health and social needs.  

In helping to shift medical treatment to preventative care and reduce healthcare costs dramatically, CCS needed to meet growing demand in broader markets within Washington, Oregon, and California.

The problem

To expand within these regions successfully, CCS realized it would need to rearchitect its AWS infrastructure to handle 100 times to over 1,000 times its current workload while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

The solution

CCS partnered with Redapt to deploy a new, fully HIPAA compliant architecture reengineered for dynamic scalability to handle the increased workload while keeping the existing basic workflow, requiring no redesign of the existing application.

The outcome

Redapt's cloud expert engineers deployed the improved AWS infrastructure on time and under budget, allowing CCS to scale to over 1,000 times its current volume.

Moment of clarity

To meet demands within larger markets, Care Coordination Systems recognized the need to scale its AWS infrastructure quickly and effectively.


What the company needed

CCS needed guidance in reengineering its cloud infrastructure for dynamic scalability while maintaining HIPAA compliance and existing workflow.

Our recommendation

  • CloudWatch alarms to trigger the adding or removing of instances on the load balancers to adjust to traffic increases and decreases dynamically.
  • Infrastructure as Code with HashiCorp Terraform, enabling our client to predictably create, chance, and improve infrastructure while knowing what is in their environment.

The Redapt Team utilized the following AWS products:

  • Ec2 and ELB deployed on VPC
    • 3-tiered architecture
    • Public and private subnets for security
    • Dynamic scaling triggered by CloudWatch
  • Encryption with KMS so ensure security
  • S3 for records storage
  • Route 53 for DNS
  • RDS for Oracle
  • CloudTrail

The end result

Through its partnership with Redapt, CCS expanded its AWS infrastructure securely and cost-effectively.

  • Dynamically scale

    to over 1,000 times its current workload.

  • HIPAA compliant infrastructure

    ensuring regulations are met, and patient information is protected.

  • With dynamic scaling,

    CCS will pay only for what it uses, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars through ramp-up.

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