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Taking Control of the Infrastructure

When famed video game developer wanted to outsource its integration work, they partnered with Redapt for a solution.

In a nutshell ...

A famed video game developer determined the resources spent managing and deploying its datacenter infrastructure could be better put to use creating innovative games.

The Problem

The video game developer was spending a substantial amount of time managing, optimizing, and refreshing its datacenter infrastructure. Wanting to remove that burden from its team of talented engineers, the company needed a partner to handle all its integration and maintenance needs.

The Solution

The Redapt Integration team worked with the company to assess its current infrastructure and future needs, then took over the management, integration, and installation of the company’s critical infrastructure.

The Outcome

With more time available for its engineers to innovate, the company is now able to focus on what drives their business rather than ensuring racks of servers and other hardware are running optimally.

Moment of clarity

The company had been a heavy user of Intel Optane servers for its infrastructure. When Intel announced it was sunsetting the product, Redapt worked with it to find a solution from Dell that fully met its needs.


What the company needed

The company is a leader in innovative video games. As it has grown, managing its datacenter infrastructure began to weigh heavily on the time and resources of its engineers.

In addition, the company’s long standing use of Intel Optane servers needed to change, as Intel had announced it was sunsetting the product. This meant it would need to find a suitable replacement.

Our recommendation

Redapt worked with the company to find a suitable replacement from Dell for the Intel Optane servers. Our integration teams also assessed the video game company’s current and future infrastructure needs, and we now handle the management of the critical datacenter infrastructure the company relies upon daily.

The end result

Now that the company’s engineers have more time to focus on innovation and new technologies, it has more resources available to develop and support its next great game franchise.

  • Reduced cost

    from maintaining and integrating its datacenter infrastructure.

  • A replacement for the server hardware

    the company had long relied upon.

  • More time and resources

    to focus on innovation rather than simply keeping the lights on.

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