Application Rationalization

Optimize expenditures and streamline operations with modernized cloud applications.

Enterprise organizations use multiple applications to power productivity, but without a proper audit, you could be wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on on-premises or legacy applications. Modernizing these applications by refactoring to cloud-native resources and migrating your data can cut costs, potentially to half. Partner with Redapt to identify the modernization and cost optimization opportunities you could gain by migrating to the cloud or building a hybrid application environment.


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    Inventory your applications

    An enterprise organization could have dozens of unused applications draining funds unknowingly. With Redapt’s inventory management and app factory model, you can identify applications across your environment to determine if they should be retired, migrated to the cloud, or refactored.

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    Modernize legacy applications

    The infrastructure necessary to run legacy applications is expensive. It also requires extensive overhead to keep this infrastructure updated, secure, and supported. By modernizing your applications, you reduce resources necessary to keep older applications running.

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    Retire unused and inefficient applications

    Unused applications could take considerable resources and eat up costs. With Redapt’s value assessment and scoping, you can eliminate costs by retiring unused applications or removing those with very few users that can be migrated to another modern application.

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    Cloud native applications

    By refactoring legacy applications, you leverage cloud-native resources, freeing internal infrastructure for other applications. Legacy applications run more smoothly and require less overhead in the cloud.

Package overview

  • Application Audit

    Redapt reviews your current infrastructure, identifies all applications, and creates an application factory model for modernization and migration.

  • Value Assessment

    Based on the application audit, we review applications for cost, efficiency, management overhead, users, and whether the application will benefit from migrating to the cloud.

  • Target Analysis

    For each application, we determine if it should migrate entirely to the cloud, run as a hybrid model (cloud + on-premises functionality), or be refactored with custom code and hosted only on premises.

  • Migration Roadmap

    Before beginning, we roadmap your migration based on our scope and assessment so that you understand the path for every application as it moves through the process.

Get started with Application Rationalization

Let Redapt guide you through application modernization to improve your cost efficiency. We inventory, scope, perform a value assessment and analysis, and create a roadmap that guides you through your migration. Contact one of our Redapt experts or get in touch directly,

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