Azure Data Strategy Engagement

Your data is a corporate asset. We can help you get the most out of it.

Why Redapt?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 16 years in the tech space, Redapt is capable of assisting enterprises in every aspect of analytics, including how best to capture, categorize, secure, and leverage the data that is vital to your business. We will take a deep dive into your organization’s data and help you create a data-driven environment where every segment of your business can make smarter decisions.


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    Organizational alignment

    Your data management objectives, priorities, and scope are fully aligned with your overall business objectives. You also have a choice, with support for all languages and frameworks to build how you want.

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    Data-driven decisions

    With data infused throughout your organization your teams are able to make smarter decisions quickly.

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    Proper governance

    With strong data governance and security in place based on best practices and the suite of comprehensive tools available in Azure, you’ll be in a position where you can democratize your data and make it a cornerstone of every segment of your organization.

Package overview

  • Data management

    Our teams can bring your data into Azure from on-premises or other cloud platforms and provide you with recommendations for effectively managing it in your new environment.

  • Opportunity assessment

    We will work with your teams to identify potential workflows, paint points, and applications that will benefit from advanced analytics and automation so you can accelerate your decision-making and create efficiencies. 

    We will work with your teams to identify potential areas of your organization that can be improved by leveraging data.

  • Governance & alignment

    We will recommend processes and tools to help you ensure your data is properly governed while still being made available to those who need access to it throughout your organization.

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