Azure DevOps Quickstart

DevOps automation solves a myriad of application development and cloud operations challenges. Partner with Redapt to accelerate your DevOps journey and realize faster innovation and organizational performance. 

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    Reduced Human Errors

    DevOps automation on Azure eliminates human errors—that cost considerable time and money to remediate—and ensures fast and consistent cloud infrastructure and application deployments.

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    Increased Development Productivity

    Automated cloud deployments reduce development time and increase speed to production so that you can more rapidly deploy applications.

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    Increased Innovation

    With reduced development time and lower risk of human error, your developers can focus on innovation that will increase your revenue and improve product value.

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    Cloud-Native Infrastructure

    Automation in DevOps leveraging Azure reduces human error and allows rapid development to cloud-native infrastructure adding better security, performance, and application resilience.

Package overview

  • AKS Architecture Planning

    A Redapt professional reviews your current on-premises application portfolio and provides advice and strategies for migration to Azure.

  • Development of CI/CD Pipelines

    Redapt develops your CI/CD pipelines to speed up development and automate deployment to cloud services, giving your business more time to develop new technology and product innovation.

  • Integrated Azure Monitoring

    After your automation CI/CD environment is established, Redapt integrates monitoring for your AKS infrastructure so that you know what’s happening at any time during the development and deployment process.

  • Tailored Kubernetes Workshop

    Training and support for your developers and operations team will help them settle into their new environment and learn how to get the most out of automation, Kubernetes, and Azure cloud-native infrastructure.

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