Azure Kubernetes Service Accelerator

Whether you need migration from on-premises solutions or another cloud provider, get a personalized roadmap for your containerization strategy using Kubernetes orchestration and other cloud-native tools. With Kubernetes and Azure infrastructure, your development team can increase velocity and improve performance of your applications.


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    Leverage Containerization Benefits

    Azure containerized environments using Kubernetes automates deployments and allows developers to rapidly deploy solutions much faster than traditional methods.
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    Acceleration of AKS Adoption

    Speed up adoption of cloud and Kubernetes orchestration using Redapt's acceleration services to save money and time developing the right strategy for your journey.
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    Access to Subject Matter Experts

    Redapt offers subject matter experts (SMEs) available to stakeholders, developers, operations people, and any business staff member responsible for your cloud migration project.
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    Modernization of Infrastructure

    Migration of legacy applications modernizes your infrastructure and lowers costs of support and maintenance to free your IT budget for expansions and new upgrades that power your business.

Package overview

  • AKS Architecture Planning
    Redapt scopes out your current infrastructure and determines the best roadmap to accelerate adoption of AKS and the cloud so that you can make the most of your DevOps pipeline.
  • Development of CI/CD Pipelines
    We develop personalized CI/CD pipelines and determine the right Kubernetes strategy that fits your development and automation needs.
  • Integration of Monitoring
    Monitoring your environment ensures orchestration and CI/CD pipelines run smoothly and without interruption from errors so that developers and operations teams can focus on other critical tasks.
  • SME Support and Training
    Redapt's subject matter experts are available throughout your journey to the cloud and help you develop a personalized plan that will give you the most out of your modernized infrastructure.

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