Data Governance & Compliance Assessment with Azure Purview

Accelerate your offensive strategy to maintain data compliance.

The already-rich seam of global data shows no sign of stopping—volumes of digital data are expected to reach 175 ZB in 2025, up 400% from 2020. This increase brings with it a raft of responsibilities to better store, share, protect, and use this data.

People in organizations potentially risk non-compliance every day. Recent examples have shown that the potential cost of such non-compliance could be huge, and the scrutiny from regulatory authorities is only increasing.

  • The average cost for organizations experiencing non-compliance problems is $14.82 million, more than 2x the cost of meeting compliance requirements. - Study from the Ponemon Institute

  • In 2020, the SEC alone brought 715 enforcement actions for non-compliance, totaling approximately $4.68 billion in penalties the highest amount on record.

Streamline compliance efforts with a strong enterprise data governance foundation

Effective data governance brings together people across business units, policies, processes and an organizational structure to enable you to maintain compliance and reduce the risks of breaches and fines. It provides an ability to operational and tactical staff to quickly record, track, and resolve known data quality issues.


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    Full scope

    You'll acquire a comprehensive list of compliances applicable to your company, and their respective requirements.


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    You'll gain an assessment report of the current ecosystem and proposed technology around Azure Purview.

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    Custom implementation

    You'll receive a custom implementation of Azure Purview in your environment.


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    Management framework

    Your team will gain recommendations for a final governance management framework, along with roles and accountability changes for your organization's future state.

Package overview

  • Research

    Our experts will help you gain an understanding of the relevant compliance standards that apply to your organization and industry.

  • Analyze

    Our team will assess the current data estate to perform a data review and conduct interviews with relevant subject matter experts to understand compliance with relevant standards.

  • Azure Purview Proof of Concept

    We'll connect and scan data assets from a few sources, and create data mapping, data classification, business glossary, and data catalog.

  • Assess

    Our team will conduct a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) assessment against the data governance process area.

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