Azure SQL Server Assessment

Get an intelligent and comprehensive analysis of your existing database system and a tactical plan for realizing a robust, reliable, and secure SQL Server platform with our package offering. 


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    Modernize your Microsoft SQL Assets - on-premise and in the cloud to reduce costs, technical debt and leverage Microsoft incentives. Additionally, we offer a Pre-Migration Assessment to evaluate how we can migrate your on-premises SQL servers from your VMware, Microsoft Hyper V and Physical environment to SQL Server on Azure VM or Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance.
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    Migration & Restructure

    Prepare your data environment to scale, prevent downtime with proactive care, modernize and migrate your infrastructure, and secure your data applications. 
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    Our experts provide SQL Server Performance Tuning, Cloud Spend Optimization, Microsoft incentive alignment, and will consolidate and streamline your server environment, and optimize performance across all your applications.

Package overview

  • Gain exhaustive support
    From digging deep into application inefficiencies to uncovering infrastructure incapability, you’ll get end-to-end support of your SQL Server environment.
  • Achieve your business goals
    We will help you accelerate your database landscape, empowering your team to more quickly and accurately attain the insights that drive your business forward.
  • Reduce operating costs
    We will help you right-size a cost-effective SQL Server environment—whether on-premises or in the cloud—affording you the ability to innovate much more rapidly.

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