Azure Virtual Deskstop

The increase in remote work is providing enterprises with greater flexibility in how and where their teams work. This freedom not only encourages more productivity, but it can also help your organization find and retain talent.

Our Azure Virtual Desktop package offering is designed to help your organization expand its remote work capabilities and streamline your IT operations without sacrificing data security and governance.


  • Greater agility

    Provide your teams with the ability to work remotely without sacrificing speed and business continuity.

  • Streamlined IT operations

    Reduce the stress on your IT operations by enabling your teams to quickly and securely create their own environments in Azure whenever they need them.

  • Consistent security and governance

    Keep your data properly governed even with your teams spread far and wide and ensure access is only available to those who need it to perform their tasks.

Package overview

  • Discovery sessions

    Our team of experts will work with you to assess your current workloads and remote work capabilities.

  • Installation and implementation

    We will fully install and implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to allow for security management of your virtual environments from a single control panel.

  • Migration of applications

    Our team will automate the provisioning of your desktops and applications for virtual environments, as well as implement Active Directory integration.

  • Optimization

    We will optimize your new virtual environments for latency and user experience to help your teams hit the ground running.

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