Governance and Cost Control

Redapt MSP Cloud Governance is a service built to optimize value and ensure performance based on your budget and usage of the cloud.

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The Governance and Cost Control You Need For the Cloud

Redapt MSP Cloud Governance helps organizations achieve their ROI targets through greater control and visibility into their cloud spend and performance. 

Redapt account managers work with you to develop automated cost governance policies to ensure real time reporting, alerting, and infrastructure rightsizing analysis that aligns with your financial goals. 

Through Redapt’s proactive rightsizing analysis, both Redapt engineering teams and technical account managers work with you to execute recommendations, putting you in control of your cloud spend.

Package Details


Our Governance and Cost Control package will help you address these challenges


  • Realizing ROI targets

  • Enabling real-time reporting

  • Infrastructure rightsizing

  • Control and visibility into cloud spend


Our Process

  • Redapt MSP Cloud Governance assessment

  • Detailed analysis and optimization recommendations
  • Cost-effective cloud configurations
  • Regular reviews, reporting, budget-focused alerting, and results of cost overruns

Why Redapt?

With more than 20 years of proven expertise in application and infrastructure modernization, our capabilities span the depth and breadth of today’s IT from consulting through world class support. 

Our extensive knowledge of building out solutions on-premises and across cloud platforms can help you meet your objectives and realize the best ROI on your investments.



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