State of the industry

Before server appliances, ISVs relied on customers to install applications in their datacenters on their servers. Over the past decade, there has been a push for server appliances due to their promise as an all-in-one solution that can be quickly and reliably deployed and supported without the expense of a dedicated team of technicians. Additionally, delivering applications on consistent server configurations enables ISVs to provide an optimal support experience.



Common challenges

Every ISV has its own unique and proprietary software, which can complicate the build and delivery of a server appliance—especially if those appliances are deployed at scale and require support throughout the product lifecycle.

Additionally, some ISVs prefer to use the same appliances both on premises and in the cloud, which adds an additional layer of complexity in software.

The server appliance solution

Providing ISV customers with a fully functioning, “plug in and go” appliance to meet their unique needs is a process. There are no off-the-shelf solutions for most appliances.

At Redapt, we are able to quickly and efficiently install software tailored for specific server appliances, then oversee the deployment and connection of those appliances wherever an enterprise needs it.

Where Redapt + Dell come in

In partnership with Dell, Redapt will help you identify the right hardware performance solution to fit your needs. In addition, we will:

  1. Install and configure all necessary software on the server appliance
  2. Fully test the server appliance so that it ready for deployment immediately upon arrive at its destination
  3. Add branded bezels and packaging
  4. Inventory stocking program for same day shipping

Server appliance success stories


Streamlined Datacenter Appliance Distribution for an Enterprise Software Company

As an enterprise software company’s revenue boomed, so did demand of its datacenter appliance. To meet its increasing demand, the enterprise software company partnered with Redapt to manage manufacturing and distribution.

Our ongoing program helps them to:

  • Reduce required investment through offloading appliance manufacturing and distribution.
  • Accelerate their sales pipeline.
  • Consistently achieve revenue goals.

Getting started with server appliances

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