Multi-Cloud Operations

Modern enterprises require flexibility to compete with the agility of smaller startups. Just like companies are unique, cloud solutions are not one-size-fits-all. That’s where a multi-cloud strategy comes in.

When you deploy a well-architected, multi-cloud solution, you get the services you need without having to pay for the ones you don’t. This not only gives maximum flexibility but also cuts costs. Thanks to the myriad providers available today, you can choose the right mix to solve your challenges. If you’re ready to implement a multi-cloud solution, we can help.

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Multi-cloud operations help you increase flexibility and decrease costs.

Let’s create the multi-cloud strategy that will help you become a more modern business. This includes working with you to become cloud-proficient, determining how and which workloads benefit most from the cloud, and migrating you over with ease.


Cloud Resale

Purchase cloud platform access and usage through Redapt and receive best-in-class value, cloud support, and ongoing cost management

Monitor your investment

Keep an eye on your cloud usage to make sure you are optimzing platform performance and cost efficiency.

Dedicated Account Manager

Receive proactive support and solutions for any challenges you encounter in your cloud environment.

Engineering services

Work with our skilled team to architect and deploy your enterprise in the cloud.

Security and governance

Ensure your security and governance policies are robust and effective by adding our MSP offering.

AWS MSP Resell

Navigating through the many AWS services is a challenge.

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Migrate to AWS

Learn how you can accelerate and find success in your transition to the cloud by partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Managed Cloud Services

Ensure your cloud investment satisfies your vision, goals, and challenges with our comprehensive suite of managed services covering everything from infrastructure to data and cost management.

Cloud governance

Ensure your cloud environment is secure and cost-optimized by leveraging our experts.

Monitoring and support

Utilize 24x7 monitoring and support for your cloud environments from the Redapt Managed Services Operation Center.

Single point of contact

Participate in business reviews of key metrics and insights with your own Redapt Technical Account Manager.

Focus on what matters

Work with a partner that delivers resilient and optimized cloud infrastructure that provides your team with more time for innovation.

Managed Cloud Cost Optimization

Without careful and comprehensive cost management, your cloud spend can easily skyrocket. Redapt’s Managed Cloud Optimization offering provides you with monitoring and management of your cloud-based infrastructure through the integration of CloudHealth by VMware.

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Managed Services Offering

Ensure your cloud investment satisfies your vision, goals, and challenges with our comprehensive suite of managed services covering everything from infrastructure to data and cost management.

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Managed Vulnerability Scanning Offering

Keep your enterprise data and applications secure with consistent monitoring from our security experts.

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The AWS Managed Cloud Cost Optimization Offering

Keep your cloud spend in line with your budget and expectations.

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Hyper Optimization

Fully leverage the speed and flexibility of the cloud by ensuring the CPUs powering your workloads are running at peak efficiency.

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AWS Migration

Migrating to a cloud environment can introduce many unknowns and potential setbacks, but with the right resources, it doesn't have to.

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Vulnerability Scanning

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The AI Opportunity Assessment Package

AI Opportunity Assessment

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