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Welcome to Redapt, reimagined

We’ve launched a whole new brand and expanded our services and capabilities so that we can better serve your business needs — today, and tomorrow.

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The new Redapt

We love a good challenge.

You want powerful solutions that enable you to work more efficiently and be more competitive in a demanding marketplace. Bring us your real problems, the roadblocks that keep you from modernizing or reimagining your own business. Here’s how we can help:

End-to-end solutions for a fast-changing world

In a complex tech landscape, your business needs to keep up. When you want to lead your industry, drive innovation, increase sales velocity, or adopt emerging technology, we’ll help you find and leverage the right tools to meet your goals.

Finding the right path forward

You know where you want to go, but not how to get there. We can help you find your path. We have 20 years of experience doing the same for businesses like yours. We’ll apply our knowledge, expertise, and skill to create a solution that gets you past your obstacles to success.

Getting clarity in a noisy marketplace

Find the clarity you need to accelerate growth and transform your business. We put in the work to understand your processes, then find ways to make them easier for you. We’ll help you understand how and where your company can benefit from the services we provide.

Seamless execution at every stage

Work with a company that emphasizes accountability from start to finish. We serve your needs throughout the process, providing knowledgeable experts and teams to work with, and ensure that your transition is as straightforward and painless as possible.

Solutions to better prepare you for the future

The tech landscape will continue to expand in size, complexity, and advancement. Build a framework to withstand any change, so you can focus on the continued health of your business, create strategies for further growth, and leapfrog the competition.

Expanded capabilities

We’ve expanded our team, knowledge, and expertise to meet a wider variety of project needs.

Increased talent and domain knowledge

More expertise for a wider array of solutions that address your specific challenges

Scaled up operations and capacity

We have the space and bandwidth to tackle the most complicated projects

Infrastructure and integration

Build a strong foundation for growth with fully integrated, configured, and tested solutions

Expertise across multiple clouds

Our knowledge and experience allow for a wide range of solutions throughout cloud platforms

A team you know and trust

Get reliable guidance at every step through strategy, execution, and delivery

Global reach for global markets

We’ll soon expand into offices across the country and provide greater support for clients worldwide

How we work

Placing value where it matters most

More expertise for a wider array of solutions that address your specific challenges

Strong customer relationships

Know that you have an ally you can rely on no matter how technology evolves

An embedded and collaborative team

Work with people who will get to know your business for an in-depth perspective of your needs

Committed to solving problems

Get services and technology that address your real-world obstacles

Emphasizing outcomes and accountability

Work with a partner who takes their responsibility to you seriously and is invested in your success

Our evolution

Redapt’s entrepreneurial journey.

A bootstrapped beginning

Redapt was founded in 1996 as a reseller of refurbished UNIX servers and workstations. The company operated from the basement of a co-founder's Bellevue, Washington home. With $1,000 in initial capital and the application of Nordstrom-like service, the team achieved immediate revenue and liftoff.

Dot com growth

Timing is everything and Redapt was in the right market at the right time. By applying services that differentiated us in the market and responding to customer advice, our enterprise product offerings and revenues grew exponentially.

Pivot towards technology services

Datacenter Infrastructure has been great for us, but we wanted to offer our customer more value and reasons to continue their journeys with us. Over the years, we’ve organically built our rack integration, DevOps, and cloud-native engineering capabilities.

From bare metal to cloud and beyond

Today we are now 220+ Technologists ready to help people deliver innovative IT services platforms and solutions that propel their organizations to new heights.

Contact us to gain a little more clarity

We love a challenge. Tell us about your needs and goals, and the obstacles in your way. We’ll help you find solutions to get past them.

Get in touch directly:

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