Security & Governance

Digital security is paramount. Security breaches are not only financially costly—but they can also be catastrophic to your company in terms of customer distrust.

Instituting robust governance and security is a must to prevent your information from getting in the wrong hands. Security lapses are on the rise due to remote work, bad actors, and other changes in the way the world does business. 

When you’re ready to take steps to elevate your governance and security posture, we can help you secure your critical information so that only the right people have access to your company’s data while meeting compliance policies.

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Reduce downtime, achieve data democratization, and improve innovation with robust data governance and security solutions.

Regardless of your needs, we’ll help you develop a catalog of your data, perform internal and third-party audits, assess your current recovery capabilities, and create a roadmap for keeping your data and systems secure. Get started today.


Cloud Cost Governance

80% of CIO's state they are not receiving the expected financial benefits of their cloud strategy. Ensure you're part of the 20% that does.

Understand your spend

Gain deep insights your cloud usage, peak usage times, workload inefficiencies, and optimization opportunities.

Achieve alignment

Ensure your business decision makers, developers, and finance departments understand cloud costs on a granular level.

Optimize cloud spend

Keep your cloud utilization for your test, development, and production environments optimized for performance and cost.

Control cloud usage

Avoid getting a surprise spike in cloud costs with continuous environment monitoring and alerts.

Azure Virtual Deskstop

Create and orchestrate cloud desktop infrastructure in Microsoft Azure while ensuring data security and business continuity.

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Azure Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Adopt the cloud to leverage best-in-class solutions that spur innovation and maximize your investment potential.

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One-Time Cost Governance Offering


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Security & Compliance

Ensure your cloud environment is secure, reliable, and accessible to trusted parties.

Regulatory compliance

Leverage our security experts to meet HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, FedRamp compliance and more.

Democratize data

Ensure the right data is accessible to trusted parties via automated governance & security.

Keep applications secure

Modern applications are dynamic and so is our approach to ensureing your complex applications are secure.

Avoid unexpected costs

Greatly reduce your risk of expensive application failures, data loss, and regulatory fines.

Security Assessment for Cloud Security Posture Management

Security Assessment for Cloud Security Posture Management

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The Azure Security Assessment Package

The Azure Security Assessment Package

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