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SUSE and Redapt

Redapt’s SUSE Rancher expertise helps you to achieve more quickly and with less risk, a well-architected Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) platform that spans your datacenter, the cloud, and the edge.

SUSE Platinum Partner

Many of our clients identify Kubernetes as a critical enabler of their digital transformation strategy.  SUSE provides a great way to deploy and manage your Kubernetes clusters.  As a SUSE Platinum Partner, Redapt provides a deep bench of rigorously trained and certified Kubernetes experts.


Our SUSE Rancher Capabilities


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SUSE FY21 Recap

FY21 was a year to remember. Our code was on the spacecraft Ingenuity as it journeyed to Mars. Our open source technology helped the healthcare industry combat COVID. From our historic listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to our acquisitions of Rancher and NeuVector, FY21 was full of incredible accomplishments. Watch our incredible journey as told by our CEO Melissa Di Donato.

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Choose Open with SUSE

Just imagine: what could the world look like if every company, society and government were to choose open? Companies and individuals innovate best when they have the freedom to choose the technology and solutions that best fit their needs. Choose Open with SUSE.

Additional Resources

Learn more about SUSE Rancher and cloud-native technology.

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Continuing Our Strong Partnership with SUSE

Last summer, it was announced that SUSE would be acquiring Rancher Labs to create, as they call it, “the world’s largest organization exclusively dedicated to powering digital transformation with open source and cloud-native solutions.”

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Rancher 2.3 Brings Kubernetes Benefits to Microsoft Windows Applications

Rancher Labs, creators of the industry’s most widely adopted Kubernetes management platform, today announced the general availability of Rancher 2.3.

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Cloud Native Tech Stacks

What should you keep in mind when exploring cloud-native on-premises solutions?

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Redapt ML Accelerator with SUSE Rancher

Machine learning (ML) provides you with powerful insights that allow you to derive new value, accomplish your missions, and gain a competitive edge.

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