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Redapt ML Accelerator with SUSE Rancher

By Paul Welch | Posted on June 14, 2021 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Application Modernization

Machine learning (ML) provides you with powerful insights that allow you to derive new value, accomplish your missions, and gain a competitive edge.

Getting ML right, however, can be a challenge. In fact, reports from Gartner, VentureBeat, and others show that 80-90 percent of ML projects fail to make it from experimentation to production.

This failure rate exposes many of the unforeseen challenges in adopting ML, including dependencies on new technologies and architectures, as well as unfamiliarity with managing data and operations.

The Redapt ML Accelerator is designed to be the easy button for organizations looking to quickly and successfully adopt ML. Using a proven, scalable architecture built on SUSE Rancher, it provides you with expert engineering and data science services to help you go from zero to production-ready with ML—all optimal pricing, an accelerated time to value, and an IT-friendly platform.



The core of the Redapt ML Accelerator includes:

  • A production-ready footprint that has been optimized for lower startup costs
  • Highly available Kubernetes across datacenter, public cloud, and the edge with SUSE Rancher
  • Hardware to support traditional ML and deep learning (DL) workloads, including a base model with 4x datacenter ready GPUs
  • Workflow management with Kubeflow and ready-built containers
  • Self-service Jupyter notebooks for data exploration
  • Integration with NVIDIA RAPIDS and Spark
  • IT monitoring and alerting with Prometheus and Grafana


Beyond the nuts and bolts, the ML Accelerator also provides you with engineering assistance, a full development and deployment workshop for your first models, and a knowledge transfer so you can continue on with your own models.

Start unlocking insights and business opportunities by leveraging ML in your organization. Watch our free webinar on the Redapt ML Accelerator built upon SUSE Rancher.