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Continuing Our Strong Partnership with SUSE

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on March 10, 2021 | Posted in News, DevOps and Automation

Last summer, it was announced that SUSE would be acquiring Rancher Labs to create, as they call it, “the world’s largest organization exclusively dedicated to powering digital transformation with open source and cloud native solutions.”

With the acquisition now finalized, we’re excited to continue our strong relationship with Rancher Labs under its new umbrella.


All of us at Redapt believe Kubernetes is the right target platform for most applications. It gives applications portability, self-service, and automated deployment, along with self-healing and scalability.

As a Platinum Partner, we recommend Rancher as a preferred tool for managing multi-cluster environments that span datacenters and public clouds. Our engineers have played a critical role for customers successfully adopting and achieving optimal benefit from Kubernetes using Rancher, and we fully expect to continue that work following the acquisition by SUSE.

Rancher has been a great partner with Redapt from the beginning of the Kubernetes revolution, as well as a phenomenal product that customers can depend on for their mission critical workloads. We’re excited to continue our strong partnership with SUSE going forward.

Learn more about our partnership with Rancher/SUSE at our website