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Migrating SQL Servers to the Cloud? Choose Azure SQL

By Kyle Clubb | Posted on November 21, 2022

When organizations consider taking their SQLs from on premises to the cloud, there are some common red flags that need to be addressed.

One is keeping mission-critical operations running during the migration. Another is securely managing complex data estates.

Then there’s the cost of managing the SQL in the cloud, costs that can be incurred from software licensing, the need to scale quickly, and managing a cloud environment.

While each of these red flags can certainly be addressed, one of the best tools we’ve encountered working with clients is Azure SQL.


A robust PaaS solution

Azure SQL is actually four solutions in one. This flexibility means it can help organizations achieve a number of goals, from saving on operating costs to employing a fully managed SQL environment without the maintenance of on-premises hardware.

These solutions include:

  • SQL Server on Azure VMS, which provides an easy on-ramp for migrating SQL workloads to the cloud while still maintaining complete compatibility and operating system-level access
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance for modernizing existing SQL Server applications at scale
  • Azure SQL Database, which supports modern cloud applications on a smart, fully managed service, complete with serverless compute
  • Azure Arc-enabled data services for extending Azure data services across on-premises, edge, and multi-cloud environments

Combined, each of these solutions make for a powerful suite for making the migration and management of SQLs relatively painless. 

They can also substantially drive down costs, since Azure SQL offers pay-as-you-go options and allows you to cut out licensing and OS costs completely.

Security and stability

Given the fact enterprise databases often house extremely sensitive information, they are ripe for threats from bad actors. 

While on-premises SQLs may seem more secure, the cloud in general—and Azure SQL in particular—are backed by experts and are consistently operating on the latest versions.

This not only means a consistently stable SQL but enhanced security as well. In fact, Azure SQL features artificial intelligence (AI)-infused security intelligence, which allows you to detect and protect against evolving security threats. 

As a result, your IT teams are able to focus less on ensuring your SQLs are always updated, patched, and secure and can spend more time developing your products.


Simplify the data estate

Whether your organization wants to migrate its SQL to the cloud in order to strengthen business continuity or innovate faster with a modern, scalable database, Azure SQL is flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

To learn more about SQL migration and best practices for moving your databases without sacrificing continuity and security, our experts are here to help. Schedule some time with us today.