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Streamline IT with Autonomous Compute Infrastructure

By Matt Francis | Posted on October 5, 2022 | Posted in Security

Infrastructure is complex. Bridges, highways, large-scale structures—each takes substantial time to build and even longer to properly maintain.

Your company’s infrastructure is no different. Whether you first opened your doors when punch cards were still cutting edge or when artificial intelligence (AI) was already widely in use, the infrastructure that keeps your business moving requires constant monitoring and maintenance.

The problem is, as technology continues to grow in complexity and businesses need to adapt quickly, infrastructure—from on-premises hardware to cloud environments—requires more and more attention. This not only taxes your IT teams, it keeps them from focusing on more innovative solutions that would benefit your business.

That’s where the growing trend of Autonomous Compute Infrastructure (ACI) can be a big help.

Redapt - Streamline IT with Autonomous Compute Infrastructure - graphic1Toward an automated world

The dream for many IT teams is a world where infrastructure is entirely self-deployed, self-provisioned, self-managed, and self-healing.

Technology isn’t quite there yet, but ACI is a big step toward making the dream a reality.

Advances in ACI are allowing IT to do more and do it faster. In fact, Dell has found that one of its tools for ACI can allow IT to deploy new servers 88% faster. Not only that, but servers can be repurposed in 99.7% less time.

Those are substantial time savings for IT. Those savings can reverberate throughout an organization.


A step beyond

Dell Technologies has been leading the charge with ACI, and its OpenManage Enterprise (OME) includes plugins and integrations that greatly increase adaptability. These tools include:

  • Update Manager Plugin to automate the refresh of repositories and baselines, notifications of updates, and more.
  • SupportAssist accelerates the resolution of service issues automatically without the need to download additional tools.
  • Power Manager enables policy-based automation and visibility of thermal events, power consumption, and anomalies.
  • ServiceNow integration automates service and operation workflows, including auto-incident creation to reduce risks.

For a deeper dive into Dell’s thinking of the ACI space, check out this white paper from the company.

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