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How Redapt Can Help With Cloud Cost Optimization and Management

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on July 1, 2017 | Posted in Cloud Migration and Adoption, Managed Services & Cloud Cost Optimization

Realizing all the benefits of the cloud is a continuous journey. Organizations are rapidly adopting AWS, Azure, and Google cloud services.

The Challenge:

The shift to cloud is enabling incredible business agility, scalability, and innovation. With the cloud, new products and services are being brought to market faster than ever. But, adopting cloud should also result in reduced operational expenses. With time-to-value and speed of implementation as primary goals, security, compliance, and costs are often afterthoughts.

For many, gaining control of cloud costs becomes a priority after expenses surge. Organizations that are early in their cloud journey often have several accounts across business units.

Multiple accounts make accounting and cost allocation a challenge.  Additionally, a lack of operational controls results in wasted resources.  Instances are often spun up and abandoned while the billing meter continues to run.  In most situations, cloud economics are more efficient, but only when managed well.

If your cloud costs are rising and your organization needs to gain visibility and insight to your cloud environments, Redapt can help.

The Solution:

A Managed Service to track cloud costs, optimize instances and save money.

Our managed service continuously analyzes your cloud environments.  Each report includes actionable insights to optimize your cloud use and generate savings.  With your approval, our cloud engineers make the recommended changes. Best of all, we are so confident in the value our service provides, we offer a free trial.

Our service includes:

  • Instance Right-sizing: Identify underutilized resources and recommend optimizations for cost and performance.
  • Detailed Billing Analytics: Cloud governance that provides advanced alerting for cost control.  End surprise invoices.
  • Identify Idle Resources: Check AWS, Azure and Google cloud for idle resources, unused instances and more.
  • Invoicing Chargeback: Allocate costs for many accounts, business units, departments and application owners.
  • Turn Chaos Into Clarity: Instant visibility and automation to keep your cloud resources optimized. This solution brief focuses on cost optimization.  Our managed service platform also extends into security, compliance, and automation.  If these areas interest you, please connect with our team to book a demo.
  • Security and Compliance: Unified secure configuration and activity monitoring for the public cloud.
  • Self-Healing Cloud Automation: Automation to manage your cloud and efficiently use resources.

Solution Benefits:

  • Cost, Security and Compliance data in one place.
  • Continuous optimization of cloud environments for cost and efficiency
  • Proactive cost monitoring.  No more "surprise" invoices.
  • Customers can focus on innovation instead of operation
  • Unifies DevOps and Finance teams on cost management
  • 450+ Best Practice Checks