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Modernizing an Existing App vs. Developing a Cloud Native App

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on December 18, 2019 | Posted in Cloud Adoption

When you commit to migrating your enterprise to the cloud, you face a decision whether to modernize your existing applications or develop cloud native apps.

Choosing the right path requires a hard look at your current capabilities and requirements for the cloud, beginning with:

multi-app_redapt_icon_1The state of your application portfolio

Not all of your applications will need to make the migration to the cloud. Some will naturally be at the end of their lifecycle, others will have replacements available that perform the same functions but are better suited for the cloud.

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For applications you may want to modernize, there are a couple things to consider:

  1. Does that application currently have high support costs because of how it was built?
  2. Does your enterprise have the appetite to invest in changing the structure of the application at all?

Once you determine the answer to these questions, you’re good to move on.

redapt_icon-cost-price-dollar-expense-savingCost considerations

Modernizing apps will often have a higher maintenance, support, and cloud cost. Building a cloud native application, meanwhile, will have a very large manpower cost.

Whichever way you end up going, there are going to be tradeoffs based on budget and timelines. Again, it all depends on whether an application is critical to your enterprise and whether there will be major technical hurdles in modernizing an application for the cloud.

redapt_icon-team-people-cultureYour in-house capabilities

Modernizing apps and building cloud native apps takes specific skill sets. If you don’t have those skill sets available onsite, we recommend working with a partner like us to guide you through the process.

Staffing up and bringing on talent can be effective, but for a helping hand throughout the process — from determining which apps should be modernized, to workflow recommendations and app build execution — working with a partner will make the process smoother and less expensive. We’re always ready to work elbow-to-elbow with you to transfer our skills and help you realize your goals.

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