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Control Your AWS Costs

By Rizwan Patel | Posted on June 13, 2022 | Posted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud, migration

Governance and cost control are the keys to ensuring your spend in AWS is in line with your expectations.

Control Your AWS Costs_Illustration

Redapt is an Advanced AWS Partner, and our Cost Control Program can provide your organization with an assessment of the state of your overall AWS governance, management, and security that you can use to guide your cloud spend going forward.

For organizations moving to AWS from on-premises, we help chart out migration and data protection for the planning process, along with a pricing and cost of ownership analysis to create a fully optimized landing spot in the cloud.

Details on the AWS Cost Control Program

When migrating to AWS, it’s important to have a detailed roadmap that limits disruption during the migration while also controlling costs.

The Redapt Cloud Cost Control Program involves three phases:

Phase 1

In this first phase, our experts fully assess your governance, management, and security state needs for your new cloud environment.

Following this assessment, our experts make recommendations for migration and data protection, along with pricing and an operating expense analysis leveraging best practices to help you avoid sticker shock once your applications and workloads are running in AWS.

Phase 2

This second phase is all about making a smooth and non-disruptive transition to AWS.

It begins with full optimization recommendations for your new cloud environments, along with migration and modernization playbooks and runbooks. We also help you assess your current applications to identify those apps that are suitable for a straight migration to AWS (“lift and shift”) and those that either need to be refactored or replaced by cloud-native counterparts.

Once these two steps are complete, a thorough verification of your new AWS environment is conducted before migration begins.

Phase 3

The final phase includes an on-premises network verification in AWS, along with ongoing monitoring of the service and application process, CPU utilization, database throughput, and business processes.

Automation of server and storage is then applied to help keep your AWS environment right-sized. During the migration, we conduct real-time monitoring of the process and full testing of the migration methodology to limit downtimes and disruptions.

Moving to AWS from another provider


Redapt and AWS


If your organization is exploring a switch to AWS from another provider, we can also help you address the major challenges in making the transition. These challenges include:

  • Potential disruptions to your business and customers
  • Understanding the differences between AWS tools and those offered by your current provider
  • Managing the costs and time associated with moving data from one cloud to another

For a thorough overview of moving to AWS (and other cloud providers), check out our guide Adopting and Migrating to the Cloud

And if your organization is considering a move to AWS from either on-premises or another provider, schedule some time to talk with our experts