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Google Cloud for Startups

By Matt Huff | Posted on November 4, 2020 | Posted in AI/ML, Featured, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google has an innovative new program aimed at helping startups and other digital native companies successfully leverage the speed and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for the deployment of their products.

Google Cloud for Startups provides qualifying businesses with credits to power the build and deployment of their applications on GCP. With this access, startups in the program can place themselves in the position to accelerate application development and scale much quicker than they would otherwise be able to. 

Included in the program are a suite of benefits, including up to $100,000 in credits for the Google Compute Engine, the Google Maps Platform, and Google Partner Services.


In addition, the program provides qualified companies with co-marketing in Google Cloud Marketplace and co-selling with Google Ad Services.

While the program is designed to bring innovative new companies into the GCP ecosystem, the cost-effective access to tools it provides is pretty amazing. Among them:

google-app-engine_logo-1 App Engine for coding and scaling applications
google-kubernetes-engine_logo Google Kubernetes Engine for containerized applications
google-ai-platform_logo AI Platform for experimental AI technologies curated by Google research teams
google-drive_logo Google Workplace for a full suite of productivity tools, including Mett, Gmail, Docs, and Drive

More than access to technology

While discounts to Google’s platforms can certainly provide young businesses with a leg up, the program also includes something harder to place a price tag on. 

That something is access to expertise in the GCP cloud space, from curated training and technical resources, to opportunities with Google’s global sales and marketing teams. 

The curated training alone makes it possible for teams to grow their skill sets with GCP in-house rather than choosing to outsource those skill sets—investments that can be put to use toward developing products.

Rolling out as we speak

Google has already launched its program in cities like San Francisco, Boston, and New York, with more locations on the way.

The company has also partnered with a number of VC firms, accelerators, and technology providers—including Redapt—to locate eligible startups that could use a boost from GCP.

To learn more about Google Cloud for Startups, check out the program’s website. And to learn whether your organization qualifies for the Google Cloud for Startups program, contact one of our cloud experts.