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Grateful for 25 Years of Business

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on November 12, 2021 | Posted in redapt

November marks a huge milestone for the Redapt team. It is the start of the team’s 25th year in business, and strong emotions bubble over as Co-Founders Rick and David Cantu reflect on what's been achieved since 1996.

While much has changed since our early years, our dedication to client service has not,” says Co-Founder and CEO Rick Cantu. “We’re proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary and I am confident that Redapt will continue its successes for many years.

There is satisfaction in remembering the adversity the Redapt team has overcome as well as sharing the thrill of entrepreneurism and creating opportunities for others. 

“As a team, we managed to often find ourselves in the right place at the right time navigating the competitive world of technology,” says Co-Founder and CMO David Cantu.   

While the Redapt team is proud of how far they have come, the emotion that stands out above all is gratitude. Gratitude for people that significantly contributed to Redapt's success.

Incredible Clients

In 25 years of business, Redapt is grateful for the deep relationships it has built with its clients. The gravity of enterprise technology decisions is often pivotal to business performance, requiring a high degree of trust--and the company’s client’s depend on Redapt to deliver results that move the client’s organization forward and build their professional reputation. 

“We’ve been part of so many remarkable journeys and are thankful for our small role in every client success story,” says David Cantu. “We’re also incredibly fortunate to have clients shape some of our most successful offerings. We couldn’t be more appreciative of our clients’ support.”  

True Partners

Partners and the individuals who have gone above and beyond to open doors for the Redapt team are also at the top of their gratitude list. As a result of these genuine partnerships, Redapt and its partners have realized the “better together” story and, together, have built strategic offerings that help its clients quickly realize results. 

“It’s humbling to think about the long list of people to thank and the sheer scale of business we’ve done together,” says David Cantu.  

Through these lasting partnerships, Redapt has had the opportunity to build relationships with and learn from so many tech industry legends. Partners and mentors are a big reason the Redapt team is celebrating its 25th year of business.

An Amazing Team

While Redapt’s primary focus is its clients, it's impossible to deliver success without great people. 

“Over 25 years, we consider ourselves lucky to work alongside people who always give everything to delight our clients the Redapt way,” says David Cantu. “We're proud to be a part of a team that often feels more like a family. We support one another through challenges, continuously innovate with technology, and always put our customers' goals ahead of our own. We're grateful for what we've accomplished together and humbled by your choice to work at Redapt.”

Redapt is just getting started

With 25 years behind the company—and more success than the team ever imagined—it still feels like Redapt is just getting started. 

“We’re looking forward to working with everyone as our story continues,” says David Cantu. “Rick and I extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has played a role in Redapt’s success!”