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Making a Smarter Transition to the Google Cloud Platform

By Rick Koller | Posted on June 8, 2020 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Multi-Cloud Operations

Efficiencies and cost savings. These are often two big reasons why organizations  consider adopting the cloud.

Considering and actively doing are two different things, however. Let’s take a look at how your organization can make the migration to the cloud—in this case, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—in a smooth and secure way.

Introducing The Google Cloud

While the major cloud providers all offer the same baseline storage and ease of scaling, GCP has some unique characteristics.


One is native Kubernetes support, since Google was the driving force behind its creation. Another is the same consumer-side infrastructure that powers products like Gmail and YouTube.

At the same time, GCP is a relatively late arrival on the public cloud scene, which means most organizations—even those already well-versed in the cloud—likely don’t have the experience on hand to make the migration to GCP easy. Outside talent is also more scarce, which compounds the issue.

So how can your organization make the move to GCP in a smooth and intelligent way? How can you position yourself to realize the benefits of GCP without a major overhaul of your business?

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Find the right partner

If efficiencies and cost savings are common motivations for adopting GCP, it’s counter-intuitive for an organization to spend time and resources building out the expertise in-house to make that adoption happen.


The smarter way to adopt GCP—and every cloud provider—is to partner with experts that are already deeply skilled in the heavy lifting of translating application architectures and migrating data.

But you don’t just want to find a partner, you want to find the right partner. That means finding a company that will:

  • Thoroughly assess all the applications in your portfolio and determine which apps would benefit from a lift and shift to GCP, which apps should be modernized, and which can be completely replaced with a more cloud-suitable option
  • Provide you with a step-by-step roadmap for transitioning your data and applications to GCP
  • Ensure your security, privacy, and governance needs are met during and after the migration
  • Provide you with a learning schedule that gives your teams the time they need to understand their new GCP environment

In other words, you need a partner that can handle all the nuts and bolts of migrating to GCP without disruption to your organization. A partner that sets you up to succeed in the cloud not just in getting there, but for years to come.

We can be that partner. To speak to an expert about migrating to GCP or to the cloud in general, contact one of our experts

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