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What Does a Modern App Look Like?

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on October 3, 2019 | Posted in Business Transformation

We can talk all day about the importance of app modernization, but what does a modern app look like?

On a purely literal level, that’s not an easy question to answer. Every app is unique to its core functions – a tool created for your customers will work vastly differently than an internal management solution.

However, there are some universal truths to modern apps that set great applications apart from ones that don’t live up to their potential. Keep these core ideas in mind as you start to dream up what your next app modernization project might look like.

Modern Apps Simplify

At its core, a modern app exists to make the lives easier of your employees, your customers, and you the business owner. That may sound obvious, but it’s an idea that’s easy to get lost in the fray of everything you want your app to do.

Using a modern app should be simple and intuitive. More often than not, businesses look at re-platforming and migrating their apps due to confusion and frustrations it causes within their company’s infrastructure. When you open the app, it should be immediately clear what it does and how you do it.

Modern Apps Do More

No, we’re not contradicting ourselves here. You can have an app that’s simplified and does more than its previous incarnation. What this often means is functionality that is streamlined and more powerful.

When Redapt worked with The Energy Authority, they were looking for a way to bolster their portfolio management solution so they could better visualize data and take action so they could allocate their resources more efficiently and create a better service for their customers.

What this meant was transforming their current applications by organizing and streamlining this massive amount of information into something was easily digestible and actionable. This also meant giving them more control over their data. It’s simple in concept, but massive in implications it has on the business.

Modern Apps Innovate

Above all else, a modern app is designed with the future in mind. You’re not just trying to solve for today’s problems, you’re looking toward what’s next and preventing issues you may not have even run into yet. It’s about creating something that’s scalable, relevant, and pushes your business into exciting new directions.

When we started working with Avanti Markets, they were primarily focused on the traditional ins-and-outs of the vending machine industry. But they wanted more.

Coming alongside their team, we worked with them to come up with apps that expanded their business into the modern age and created an exciting new avenue for their customers by creating a loyalty program, better inventory management, integration with mobile, and more.

Their drive for innovation within their industry had dramatic results, growing their PoS locations by 70 percent, improving business operator margins by 1,000 percent, and giving them a platform to better manage their business profitability.

Aesthetically, a modern app for one company may look drastically different from another. However, they all have these common denominators outlined above. Think you’re ready to build an app for your business that gives you an edge? Reach out to Redapt today.