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Why Rack Integration Services Are More Important Than Ever

By Sean King | Posted on August 21, 2020 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure


Even in normal times, datacenter deployments can be a complicated process. Supply chain management, scheduling, travel, installation—each of these steps often has their own unique challenges.

With COVID-19 in the mix, these challenges have been greatly amplified. The very real problem of many datacenters being locked down is causing major disruptions everywhere.

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Equipment and component management, which tends to lean heavily upon production in Asia, has ground to a halt. Shipping and transportation plans are routinely hit with delays. For many, boarding a plane in order to travel to a datacenter location is unthinkable.

Just because the lockdowns have eased slightly doesn’t mean the usual ways of conducting business will return anytime soon.

This means that an enterprise looking to deploy new racks and hardware—even if their needs are critical—are still having to navigate a tangled knot of hiccups, denials, and delays.



The rack integration remedy

Rack integration services exist to alleviate the cost and complications of deploying new hardware to datacenter locations.

For mid-sized and rapidly growing enterprises in particular, these services provide an easy and cost-effective way to deploy datacenter hardware without the need for investing in dedicated in-house teams and negotiating supply chains.

With the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc, however, organizations of all sizes are struggling to find, assemble, and deploy new hardware to datacenters in a timely and cost-effective way.

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The benefits of utilizing these services are many. Using our own services as an example, it helps you:

globe-geopin_iconLocate, procure, and handle the logistics of all hardware and ancillary equipment based on your specific needs.

arrows-pointing-inward_iconAvoid logistical complications by having all your components shipped to our secure facilities, where every piece of technology is unpacked and tested.

checkmark_redapt_icon_1Ensure your equipment is ready to power on and deploy by assembling your hardware stacks complete with cabling, then repackaging and handling delivery to the datacenter for you.

These steps take what is already a complicated and time-consuming process off your hands. And because all of the necessary build and testing has been done, all that’s needed once a hardware stack arrives at a datacenter is for the equipment to be connected.

In this time when datacenters are running on skeleton crews, rack integration can help you navigate the hurdles to getting the hardware you need up and running quickly.

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