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Edge Computing and IoT: A DZone Report

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on March 15, 2021 | Posted in IoT and Edge, DevOps

From November to December, DZone spoke with software developers, architects, and other IT professionals to better understand two distinct but highly interlinked topics—Edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The result of this research is DZone’s just released Edge Computing and IoT, a timely and insightful analysis featuring a wide range of input from industry experts.


“Last year, The Economist said that data is the new oil,” notes Paul Welch, Senior Vice President of Product Engineering at Redapt. "Sensors, devices, and applications at the Edge are generating new sources of data, and we're excited about the potential this new data has to drive analytics and train artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) models. We're equally optimistic about smart applications making better decisions and optimizing processes in real time at the Edge."

The DZone report, available here, highlights the fact that IoT project work among software professionals is growing exponentially, especially over the past two years.

Topics in the report include:

  • Trends in how organizations are using and deploying the IoT

  • What makes it technically difficult to build IoT devices

  • How to understand when Edge computing is suitable—and when it’s not

Redapt, the report sponsor, helps clients build innovative solutions that span technological environments and the data those environments generate and store. Our IoT and Edge practice simplifies the architectural, operational, and security challenges of delivering sophisticated data solutions.

As a bonus, the report includes insights from Muhammad Rehman, VP and Head of Product for Edge Computing at Verizon. Rehman addresses how to think about 5G, ways to master bandwidth challenges, and how developers can handle the unpredictability of physical environments when working on IoT and Edge solutions.

“Technology is evolving rapidly around us,” says Rehman. “As we experience the fourth industrial revolution, things that were impossible a few years ago have become a reality now.” 

Keep ahead of your competition and download the report today.