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How Enterprises Can Speed Up Application Development with the Pod Model

By Rakesh Anantharaman | Posted on March 30, 2021 | Posted in DevOps, Application Modernization

Organizations looking to gain speed and flexibility in how they create their applications require modern software development practices. These include things like Kubernetes, DevOps, and CI/CD, all of which require a broad range of skill sets. And these skills are not always easy to find.

Part of this is due to the relative newness of modern development practices, but a more common culprit is the fact that building out your capabilities in-house can be a fairly expensive and lengthy proposition.

A few years ago, Redapt created a model to assist organizations with both adopting modern development practices and building applications using those practices. We call it the Pod Model.

What is the Pod Model?

As the name implies, the Pod Model is composed of small groups (pods) of Redapt experts that can be embedded within an organization to help it achieve specific goals.


Each of these groups brings a different skill set to the table, from new feature development to competitive research and production support. And while the makeup of these pods depends on the organization’s unique needs, at a high level, it could include an architect, developers, testers, and a project manager all working toward a single goal the organization wants to achieve.

We’ve found the Pod Model has a number of advantages for our clients, including less time amending scopes as projects grow beyond their original timelines, and the ability to quickly leverage—and see results from—the expertise our teams provide.

Most of all, the Pod Model greatly reduces the time and resources an organization needs to dedicate to completing a project. 

In fact, for most clients, all they need to supply is a stakeholder from their side to detail what the organization is trying to achieve and our pod will take it from there.


Designed to be flexible

With the Pod Model, our teams can be embedded for an extensive amount of time, providing dedicated skills and support for months and even years. 

Organizations can also increase the number of pods they bring onboard as new projects arrive. Or they can take on more than one pod at once to tackle various initiatives.

For example, say your organization wants to adopt modern development practices but you also have a project that won’t wait until your teams are up to speed on DevOps. You can bring on two pods: one dedicated to helping you transform the way you develop products and the other for your project.

Getting started with pods

If your organization is currently struggling to transform the way you develop new products, our Pod Model is worth a look. No matter your project or needs, we can provide you with a dedicated team of experts for as long as you need to get the job done.

To learn more about the Pod Model, contact one of our experts. And for more on application modernization, check out our in-depth guide.