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How to Balance Enterprise Agility and Speed with Governance and Security

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on December 15, 2019 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Security & Governance

Agility and speed are the secrets to staying competitive. Maintaining governance and security are the costs of doing business. The question is: How do you achieve both?

Basically, it comes down to that old adage that if you start with a solid foundation, you can build quickly on top of it. Get ahead of yourself and start building without a solid foundation? Then you suddenly have a challenging—and expensive—problem.

Building a solid foundation


When we engage with our clients, we start by gaining an understanding of their regulatory compliance, governance, and security needs, whether it’s HIPPA, HITRUST, GDPR, or PCI.

Once we have this understanding, we build out an appropriate framework to meet all their requirements. This starts with building out their network with zero trust logic (basically, nothing can go on the network without being identified and allowed) and then evolving that network to meet the client’s requirements.

This is a steady and deliberate process, but it’s critical to ensuring the client’s new environment is as secure as it needs to be.

Utilizing DevOps


DevOps provides you with a set parameter—boundaries—to build within.

The benefit of this parameter is an environment where, once the rules are in place, your developers can run and deploy code without having to worry about breaking governance and security no matter the development space. This freedom greatly accelerates how quickly you can bring products and services to your customers.

Benefits of Google Anthos


Anthos is an open application modernization platform that brings together multiple DevOps environments or containerized services that are stored in different locations, be they on-premises or in the cloud. It also gives you central controls—a single pane of glass—to monitor those environments and services.

With Anthos, not only can you streamline the process for monitoring and controlling governance and security, you can do so even if you have a truly hybrid development environment, where some of your containers are on-premises, some are in GCP, and others are in AWS or Azure.

Need some clarity when it comes to a multi-cloud strategy for your enterprise? Reach out and talk to one of our experts.


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