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Why Google Anthos Is a Multi-Cloud Gamechanger for Enterprises

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on December 17, 2019 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Anthos is a hybrid cloud platform with the power to give your enterprise the speed and flexibility you need to stay competitive.

That’s the short sales pitch.

The longer version—the reason Anthos is such a game changer for enterprises using or looking to migrate to a multi-cloud environment—includes the suite of tools included under its umbrella.

Google Anthos Toolkit

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

The central command and control center of Anthos.

GKE on-prem

Provides a Kubernetes-based platform to compatible hardware on your premises.


Enables federated network management across the Anthos platform.


Allows you to stream on-premises physical and virtual machines.

Anthos Config Management

Enables you to maintain and apply clusters.


Provides observability to Anthos infrastructure and applications.

GCP Cloud Interconnect

Delivers high-speed connectivity between your datacenter and the cloud.

GCP Marketplace

Gives you access to a Google curated list of ISV and open-source applications.

Why all this matters


On a high level, having access to all these tools will help your development team thrive.

The ability to easily move workloads between on-premises and the cloud, depending on your application profile, makes deployment more agile. Combine that with Kubernetes, and you accelerate your overall application development while reducing operational costs.

But what really sets Anthos apart is the single pane of glass it provides for you to work from to monitor your applications across all your environments, from on-premises to the public cloud.

This allows you to manage and monitor all your workloads—regardless of where they are located—with much less overhead and resources so you can concentrate on bringing to market new products and services.

Learn more about how Google Anthos can benefit your enterprise. Contact us today.

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