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New eBook: The Dynamics Around Scaling the Edge

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on October 13, 2020 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Featured

In music, The Edge is an incredible guitar player for U2.

In tech, it’s a powerful tool for real-time analytics, enhanced security, and the creation of innovative customer experiences at scale.

In our new eBook The Dynamics Around Scaling the Edge, we dig deep into how your organization can deploy edge solutions at scale. Here’s an excerpt:

If your organization is at a point where it is ready to create or build an edge deployment strategy, there are some additional factors to consider. For example:

1. Carrier independence

For greater flexibility in service and pricing, your strategy should be designed for multiple carriers with proper coverage, bandwidth, and reliability.

Additionally, design considerations can involve private long-term evolution (LTE) and multi-access edge computing (MEC) layers, and network edge computing (NEC) deployments across different carriers where applicable.

The goal is to avoid being locked into any one carrier in order to maximize potential cost savings and achieve flexibility in networking.

2. Compute horizon

The concept of “compute horizon” (a term coined at Redapt) is the act of spreading out edge computing power from the device edge to the centralized network—and everywhere in between. The goal is to distribute compute resources in such a way that if network degradation were to occur at any point, an organization could still carry out decisions closer to the device edge.

Having this flexibility to process data at various points near your edge sites allows your organization to optimize costs, speed up decision making, and reduce data transfer and processing overhead.

Whether your organization is just now hearing about edge computing or you’re already exploring your options, get your free copy of The Dynamics Around Scaling the Edge.