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New White Paper: Adapting Retail Edge to IoT Data Collection

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on August 31, 2020 | Posted in Featured, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

More and more retail companies are leveraging IoT data to both enhance the customer experience and explore new ways to reach customers.

In our latest white paper, we take a look at how edge computing is a driving force behind putting IoT data to work effectively in the retail industry. Specifically, how adopting the right edge solution can help your organization maintain visibility in all your location systems without sacrificing security and time to market.

Here’s an excerpt:

A decade ago, retail data was mostly limited to things like barcodes, stock management systems, and POS transactions. All this information totaled a few kilobytes, maybe even megabytes at most, which made capturing it a fairly simple process. 

Then came the cloud and the proliferation of connected devices, two events that have radically changed not just the amount of data being produced at retail locations but the systems required to collect it all. Modern security measures, automated transactions, smart mirror technologies—each of these advances is turning what used to be a manageable flow of data into a deluge.

Take, for example, Amazon Go stores. 

On the surface, the way these locations work is deceptively simple: customers go in, they pick an item, and they walk out. But behind the scenes, there is a massive amount of data being processed to make the process efficient and seamless. Video and sensors are tracking product movement from shelves to the exit, and transactions are being conducted almost instantaneously so customers receive a notice of purchase moments after they leave the store.

While Amazon’s stores are admittedly on the extreme end when it comes to capturing and processing data, they are also a sign of where retail locations are going.


If you’re looking to scale and enhance your customer experience with an edge solution, this white paper is required reading. Not only will you understand what adopting edge computing means, you’ll also learn how you can start gaining actionable insights and flexibility from an edge solution.

You can download your free copy of Adapting Retail Edge to IoT Data Collection here.

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Adapting Retail Edge to IoT Data Collection

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