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Redapt Receives CloudHealth GCP Management Partner Award | Redapt

By David Cantu | Posted on January 27, 2021 | Posted in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Multi-Cloud Operations

Redapt Receives CloudHealth GCP Management Partner Award

All of us at Redapt are excited to announce that as part of its CloudLive Solution Provider Virtual Summit earlier this month, CloudHealth by VMware has awarded our company its GCP Management Partner Award.

CloudLive is the industry-leading, multi-cloud conference dedicated to expanding enterprise use of the cloud to transform businesses. By selecting Redapt for its GCP Management Partner Award, the organization is recognizing our deep expertise and unmatched dedication within the cloud solutions provider space — GCP in particular — for our enterprise customers.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Redapt helps enterprises across industries leverage the platform to deliver modern infrastructure, applications, and data solutions.

Our GCP expertise includes:

  • Migrating organization to GCP. whether they are new to the cloud or shifting to the platform from a different provider
  • Putting in place a modern data center that leverages the scalability and flexibility of GCP while still allowing enterprises to control their tech stacks
  • Helping enterprises adopt GCP enterprise data platform services for analytics, AL and ML in order to unlock key insights and make the most informed decisions possible

To learn more about Redapt’s GCP capabilities, check out our partner page.