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Breaking: Redapt’s MSP Program Now Accredited by Google Cloud

By Managed Services Team | Posted on May 27, 2020 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Multi-Cloud Operations

We are excited to announce that Redapt's Managed Services Provider (MSP) program is now accredited by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a relatively new offering. We are excited to be among a select few MSPs to offer this platform to customers.

We were chosen as a partner due to our experience addressing enterprise IT gaps. As a full service integrator that offers managed services, professional cloud services, and datacenter infrastructure, we are uniquely poised to advise clients on cloud selection, migration, and optimization. Redapt’s Managed Service practice achieved GCP Premier Partner status through a rigorous and thorough audit covering: talent, operating procedures, policies, and security practices of our MSP.


How MSPs benefit organizations

Studies show that almost 80 percent of technology executives are not getting the benefits they expected from the cloud. This includes cost reduction and increased innovation, largely due to the unanticipated cost and effort of cloud operation. 

MSPs like Redapt provide operations assistance to help companies realize full cloud benefits. Additional benefits of MSP include the following:

1. Expertise

Many MSPs have specialized experience within the areas of cloud operations, cloud governance, and cloud migration. 

An MSP can offer services such as access management, change management, provisioning and administration of infrastructure, and cloud policy management.

2. Keeping up with changes

MSPs help their clients keep up to date with technology changes, including those within the cloud. 

Organizations do not have the time to stay abreast of changes on their own. By choosing an MSP that has widespread understanding of the cloud and is certified for the clouds they resell, organizations can leverage that knowledge for a competitive advantage.

3. Specialized skill sets

An MSP is essential when moving to the cloud because organizations tend to lack cloud-certified skill sets. 

Companies need a wide variety of different skill sets to transition to and operate in the cloud, as well as to ensure governance. It rarely makes sense to hire in-house for all these specialized skills, especially those that are time-limited such as cloud migration. The MSP provides all the needed services, freeing up in-house resources so the organization can focus on innovation.

4. Cost savings

Cost savings are among the most popular reasons for choosing an MSP. MSPs provide detailed billing reviews and cost optimization analyses that allow clients to better utilize their cloud resources.

Cloud migration use cases

Companies that seek assistance with cloud migration tend to be excited to get started. 

Rather than rush to the clouds, an MSP will analyze where clients are in terms of readiness. The MSP will either help the client address gaps so they are ready for migration or, for clients that are ready, move toward migration. 

Migration is performed for the client. Once the cloud is running, clients are onboarded and steady state services are provided.

Clients who seek managed services after a cloud migration tend to require fine-tuning of their cloud setup. Commonly, companies' clouds tend to be oversized. MSPs can help those clients increase their efficiency while reducing costs.

Learn more about Redapt’s MSP program and our partnership with GCP.