Google Cloud
and Redapt

As a Premier Partner, we help enterprises leverage Google Cloud to deliver modern infrastructure, applications, and data solutions.

A strong partnership

Due to our long history of serving tech progressive enterprises, Google Cloud is a perfect complement to our portfolio of capabilities.

Through practical experience, our team of experts brings the technical breadth and depth to help you find a clear path to migrating to Google Cloud.

Whether you are looking to explore an alternative to your existing provider, interested in learning more about GCP’s best-in-class security and price performance characteristics, or already committed to cloud-native application development, Redapt brings the right capabilities to help you get the most out of your Google Cloud investment.

Google Cloud

Cloud migration

Securely and efficiently move your operations to Google Cloud to take advantage of enterprise security and industry leading application dev and data platform services.

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Hybrid cloud

Enterprises require the power of choice and flexibility when it comes to serving the application delivery needs of the organization. Redapt can help you adopt the cloud on your terms.

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Modern datacenter

Put in place a modern datacenter that leverages the scalability and flexibility of Google Cloud while controlling your own tech stacks and familiar tools.

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Analytics, AI, and ML

Utilize Google Cloud enterprise data platform services, AI, and ML to unlock key insights and make the most informed decisions possible.

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Success Stories

Helping eCommerce Company Lulus Scale Better, Faster, and Cheaper

When Lulus achieved a scale that was leading to runaway costs, they partnered with us to move their eCommerce platform to the Google Cloud Platform.

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Using Data to Intelligently Aquire New Customers and Guide Them to Successful Outcomes

Looking to expand its expertise in the world of crytocurrencies, New Alchemy seized the opportunity to make intelligent use of data to better advise customers. Gaining a deeper understanding of proprietary and external data streams enabled the New Alchemy team to be predictive about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) success.

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Rescuing Accounting Services Provider RDA Systems’ Data on a Deadline

When the company was informed all their client servers were being shut down on short notice, they partnered with us to migrate 135 servers to a new cloud provider.

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Increase your cloud expertise.



Bring Clarity to the Chaos of Enterprise Technology

Enterprise technology is complex. But it doesn't have to be.

This eBook, The Redapt Technical Maturity Framework, helps you understand:

  1. What a technical maturity model is and why you should even worry about it in the first place
  2. What a technical maturity framework is and how it can help your business innovate faster
  3. How to apply the framework to your business as efficiently as possible
  4. Examples of how the maturity framework helped enterprises scale better, faster. 


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