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Speed to Market with Kubernetes: A DZone Report

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on March 12, 2021 | Posted in Kubernetes

DZone has just released Kubernetes and the Enterprise, an analysis of their comprehensive 2020 survey. 

In October, DZone spoke with software developers, architects, and other IT professionals to better understand how organizations are using Kubernetes and other tools to increase their agility and speed to market. In addition, the report includes expert guidance on modern deployment and orchestration.

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Software development and runtime ecosystems are now complex and tangled enough that OS-level resource management is often insufficient to avoid conflicts in build and runtime environments. As this complexity increases, scaling an application easily, efficiently, and securely is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It’s critical.

“I think we can safely say Kubernetes is now mainstream,” says Paul Welch, Senior Vice President Product Engineering at Redapt. “According to the latest CNCF survey, 83% of respondents are in production. They're deploying larger footprints and realizing a range of benefits from improved scalability and availability to increased velocity for developers.”

The DZone report, available here, focuses on container and Kubernetes usage, asking participants questions such as:

  • How do you use application containers in development or production environments?

  • What platforms are best for managing containers in development and production?

  • What areas does Kubernetes improve best?

Not surprisingly, the report sees high Kubernetes usage at the organizational level: 77%. Speeding deployments, automating CI/CD pipelines, and getting rid of inefficiencies—that’s what Kubernetes is about.

Redapt, the report sponsor, simplifies the journey to containerized applications. Their simple assessment process yields a migration plan and architecture to modernize and increase the effectiveness of development and deployment operations.

As a bonus, the report includes insights from Dipti Borkar, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Ahana, Ambassador for Women in Analytics, and Chapter Leader for UPWARD Women. Borkar addresses how to best adopt containers, challenges of resource isolation, and the future of Kubernetes.

“When 90% of the users are using Kubernetes, and it’s just there and you don’t even know it,” says Borkar, “We’re at a tipping point where that adoption will start going very fast.”

Stay a step ahead of your competition and download the report today.