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Tech We Like: Efficient Datacenter Cooling with ZutaCore

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on August 21, 2020 | Posted in Featured, Tech We Like

The datacenter cooling market is poised to grow past the $20 billion market size forecast in the next five years. Redapt has been monitoring liquid cooling trends for quite a few years and has deployed some very interesting projects along the way.

As the market for liquid cooling has accelerated and fragmented significantly across the globe, Redapt has identified and partnered on a go-to-market strategy that works for us and our clients.

In this edition of Tech We Like, we’re highlighting ZutaCore, an innovative startup in the liquid cooling space separating themselves from their competitors. We’re very excited to be partnering with them on joint collaboration efforts to tackle the market.

What we like about ZutaCore

ZutaCore’s Hypercool2 platform is a two-phase, waterless, direct-on-chip solution that easily retrofits onto any server platform.


Their coolant is dielectric, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and fire-retardant. The in-rack solutions can scale from 20kW to 70kW depending on your needs.

Hypercool2 also includes software-defined cooling, which allows the operator to manage, provision, and monitor datacenter and edge environments for critical and predictive analytics-assisted decision-making.

Benefits of the ZutaCore system

ZutaCore’s platform offers a number of proven advantages, according to an independent analysis by AEI, including:

  • 50% less energy usage
  • 3x the processing capacity
  • >1000w chip cooling
  • 50% capex reduction

While these results are impressive, Redapt has taken it one step further by partnering with ZutaCore in designing appliances that are fully self-contained and self-embedded.

For those customers and clients seeking ease of use and a zero adoptive curve, the self-contained liquid cooling server platform mitigates the need to acquire additional equipment or components outside the server.


In addition, the solution further improves density anywhere from 10-50 percent per rack, depending on the design topology. 

To learn more about ZutaCore or any other datacenter needs, contact one of our experts.