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Tech We Like: Rack Integration & Services

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on November 5, 2019 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure, Tech We Like

When it comes to our recommendations for rack integration and services, we’re rather agnostic because we want to recommend technology that works best for your goals since much of it depends on what you are trying to do and your technical team’s expertise.

In short, different customers require different solutions. But in general, when it comes to addressing the challenges of deploying datacenter infrastructure, there are certain tools we return to. In this edition of Tech We Like, we’re highlighting a few of those tools.

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Rack switches

Like we said, our recommendations are based on a number of factors. But when it comes to rack switches, the two names that usually make their way into the conversation are Juniper and Arista due to their additional tools and capabilities for large-scale workloads.


With a focus on simplicity, Juniper’s EX Series Ethernet Switches and QFX Series Switches deliver exceptional solutions for both converged datacenters and high-density spine-and-core aggregation deployments.


Similar to Juniper, Arista’s array of switches are solid choices. From their 7500 Series Lossless Modular Spine Switch to their 728OR Series for Universal Leaf and Spine, they have the hardware to meet most of our client needs. For a number of reasons, some of the largest hyperscale and cloud providers have adopted Arista as well.

Power distribution for cabinets


ServerTech and Raritan are both solid choices here, due to the number of different models that are effective for large-scale deployments (full rack, 40-plus servers per rack, etc.). With either choice you’re going to have the PDUs to accommodate all the outlets.

Still, while we’ve found Raritan has more customization capabilities, ServerTech tends to have better lead times, which can be critical when ordering all hardware at the same time.

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