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Tech We Like: Tools That Work Well with Microsoft Azure

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on December 16, 2019 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Microsoft Azure, Tech We Like

While most cloud providers offer similar products and services, each has its own unique tools that play well with its model.

If you’re looking to partner with Microsoft Azure for your workloads, this installment of Tech We Like is for you. Here are three of the tools we routinely recommend for working on Microsoft’s cloud platform.

azure-site-recovery_redapt_1Azure Site Recovery

This is Microsoft’s own disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Because it’s built into Azure, it excels at assisting in data migrations by providing real-time replication of data, failover, and recovery processes.

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Putting Site Recovery to work is as simple as replicating an Azure VM to a different region for continual backups. Site Recovery is also updated with new Azure features as they arrive.

Learn more about Azure Site Recovery.


Recently purchased by Microsoft, Movere is a discovery solution capable of handling every aspect of your datacenter and cloud assessment needs. With Movere, you can understand what is going on in each environment and assess costs for moving applications and data to the cloud.

Movere utilizes bots to scan your datacenter every hour in order to capture everything happening in your IT environment. That information is then made available in a customizable dashboard—along with key insights mined from your data— to enable your IT teams to have control over the environment.

Learn more about Movere.


The Rapid7 insight cloud gives you a robust arsenal of security strategies, from vulnerability scanning to penetration testing, to ensure your perimeter is secure once everything is in the cloud.

With Rapid7, you can unify your data collection across your IT environment, scale quickly and easily, and integrate tools within your current technology stack to speed up analysis and prioritization.

Learn more about Rapid7.

It’s important to remember that each of these technologies adds a different level of complexity—with associated cost—to your usage of the Azure platform. We recommend working with a partner to assess which ones are necessary.

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