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What Challenges Do Appliances Solve For The ISV?

By Jason Zeng | Posted on March 4, 2021 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure,

OEM appliances is key for ISVs who are looking for an alternative, better, way to go to market. Watch our interview with Jason Zeng to learn more.

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Video transcription:

An OEM appliance is a constructive working relationship between multiple hardware OEM vendors and manufacturers with a systems integrator like us. It could also be a relationship between an individual software provider or vendor with an OEM manufacturing relationship, such as Dell.

Usually, when an OEM appliance becomes a discussion point, it comes from either a gap in the market that we're trying to address or it comes from an ISV or independent software vendor approaching us and sort of saying, "Hey, we want to go to market. And we would like to build a hardware-based solution to layer our software on top of.

So for a lot of the ISVs that we work with, the appliance approach to going into market solves several different areas of interest for them, or challenges, as you can say. One of the areas that it solves for is it gives them another way to go to market. 

And that's important because not all of the clients and customers out there that may be interested in your software stack can only deal with a software stack that is SaaS based or only deal with a software stack that is in a public cloud. 

The most common myths that we've seen, or sort of a different perception that may be incorrect when it comes to OEM appliances, is that they're expensive. 

Why build an OEM appliance when everything is SaaS and everything is through the internet and everything is through the public cloud? We typically don't really try to pick one versus the other. But for those customers and those specific problems in certain industries and verticals that we're trying to solve, an OEM appliance is a great fit.

Another issue that it solves is it solves a lot of performance challenges and integration challenges. Not all software is created equal.

We're removing the customer from having to learn to deploy this specific software stack or this specific solution.

We help them drive IT as a competitive advantage. There's a lot of repetitive tasks involved. There's a lot of testing involved. There's a lot of human resources being committed to just the upkeep of a solution. And we want to remove that from the customer so that they can work on more forward-thinking problems.

To learn more about OEM appliances, including how Redapt can help your business explore its appliance options, click here to learn about our OEM Appliance offering. Otherwise, click here to dive deeper into modernizing your datacenter to gain speed, increase agility, and control costs by updating the platforms that run your workloads.