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Transforming The Healthcare Industry Through App Innovation

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on December 19, 2019 | Posted in Featured, Application Modernization

App innovation is about leveraging the cloud in order to create efficiencies and better service to customers.

For the healthcare industry, app innovation can:

person-with-plus_redapt_icon_1_World copy 31Encourage greater patient participation in their own wellness

Like any industry, healthcare is at its core about providing value to customers. That value just happens to be a healthier life.

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For enterprises in the healthcare space, utilizing the cloud makes it possible for technology, such as virtual assistants, universal access to records, and innovations such as IoT connected devices.

dollar-sign-with-down-arrow_redapt_icon_1Reduce costs for patients and providers

One key benefit of app innovation and the cloud is access to new technologies that increase innovation, create a faster time to market, and reduce overall costs.

In addition, barriers to care can be removed — especially in rural areas — and operations streamlined so providers can help more patients in need and more efficiently. For an example of this, see our work with a Pacific Northwest health solutions company.

redapt_blog-graphics_securityBetter meet security and regulatory requirements

Migrating to the cloud means having constant access to updated security as well as a defined framework for development and service within a regulatory framework, no matter the location.

It also reduces the need for hardware and software management, freeing up more resources for development.

cloud-with-question-mark_redapt_icon_1Questions healthcare enterprises should ask when exploring the cloud

If your healthcare enterprise is considering an investment in app innovation and a migration to the cloud, start out the process by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. What security and regulatory compliance do your workloads need to adhere to?
  2. How will your patients best be served by app innovation and workloads in the cloud?
  3. Will the change directly affect the care of your customers and patients?

Once you answer these questions, we’re here to help you understand all that app innovation and cloud migration will mean for your enterprise. For more information, download our free resource Into the Blue: How to Succeed in Your Path to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

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