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Why PowerScale for AI

By Bryan Gilcrease & Paul Welch | Posted on November 18, 2021 | Posted in AI/ML, Dell EMC

In short order, artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically altered companies across industries.

Key to the rise of AI has been the explosion of unstructured data—emails, photos, videos, and so on that can be mined for insights and used to make smarter decisions.

Unstructured data is not without its challenges, however. The sheer volume of information now available can overwhelm any organization, from scrappy startups to established giants.

Without a way to manage all this data, AI initiatives have an uphill battle to success. Which is why companies looking to adopt AI—and its close relative machine learning (ML)—need a storage system that makes management of unstructured data efficient.

That’s where Dell EMC PowerScale comes in. 

It is a data storage solution for enterprises that value intuitive management, data-centric infrastructure, and straightforward implementation. Dell EMC PowerScale provides a platform for managing unstructured data that is easy to integrate, even for IT generalists with little experience in data storage.

The key to PowerScale’s power is its combination of a file system, volume manager, and data protection in a unified software layer. Built for sustainable scalability and maximum flexibility, the platform addresses many of the challenges of unstructured data, including:

  • Storing large amounts of data in a cost-effective way
  • Protecting files that are frequently added or changed
  • Ensuring data is findable and usable

A powerful platform for

PowerScale is ideal when it comes to providing you with the foundation for workable—and successful—AI implementation, including:

Ability to support any workload

Whether your preference is all-flash, hybrid, or archive nodes, you have the ability to run multiple data protocols simultaneously.

Data management at scale

You are able to scan and index billions of files with DataIQ and can scale up, down, or out to tens of petabytes—all while being able to manage your storage with a single UI.

Data protection built in

OneFS provides you with all the availability, redundancy, and security to ensure your data is secure. Additionally, you can leverage integrated cyber attack and ransomware defense, as well as smart AirGap.


Apply to a wide variety of use cases like fraud protection, targeted advertising, personalized recommendations, sentimental analysis, interaction analysis, anomaly or defect detection, and more.

In addition to the above tools, PowerScale offers robust security options and data protections that prevent both accidental data deletion and malicious data alterations. Companies can meet regulatory requirements for stress-free audits while enjoying enhanced security.

To protect a company’s data, PowerScale constantly monitors the health of the digital landscape by identifying, flagging, and reallocating at-risk components. It provides overall and file-specific protection capabilities to maintain data integrity. By providing data replication, synchronization, and scalable snapshots, companies can analyze their performance and usage.

Using PowerScale to power AI

In conjunction with PowerScale, Dell’s F900 All-Flash Scale-Out NAS delivers the analytics, performance, and extreme concurrency at scale to power the most data-intensive workloads.

Additionally, the F900 features for data management, data security, data compliance, and data protection help your AI solution meet regulatory and security requirements.

Combined, these features make it easier for you to: 

  • Eliminate the I/O bottleneck for AI with up to 18x more bandwidth than similar platforms

  • Bring the analytics to your data with in-place analytics leveraging multi-protocol support like SMB, NFS, and HTTP, as well as native HDFS to support multiple uses

  • Scale simply and seamlessly, from 10s of terabytes to 10s of petabytes

  • Protect and secure your data by automatically tiering between All-Flash, hybrid, and archive nodes via SmartPools

Start unlocking your data capital with AI

Increasingly, the ability to leverage AI is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Dell EMC PowerScale can be an ideal solution for storing and managing the unstructured data that powers your AI initiatives.

To learn more about PowerScale or for guidance on how to kickstart your own AI projects, contact one of our experts today