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Why We Support Seattle United

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on February 17, 2022 | Posted in News, Social Good

At Redapt, Cofounders Rick and David Cantu live and breathe technology, but soccer is in their blood. Professional and recreational soccer players and fans can be found throughout the Redapt organization. The passion for the sport often creates common ground within the organization to accomplish excellent results together.




When it comes to community involvement, the Redapt team looks to match its interests with doing good, which is why the company chooses to support Seattle United—an organization committed to diversity amongst its players, coaches, and leaders.

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The Cantu brothers understand that soccer has explicitly contributed to Redapt's success.

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But, more importantly, sports have taught many Redapt team members that grit and commitment in the face of adversity result in personal and professional growth. In addition, these early experiences on the soccer field have contributed to the Cantu's success in business and family life.

Rick and David Cantu remember giving their best efforts on the soccer field. The cofounders also acknowledge that participating in their youth soccer programs would not have been financially possible without the support of others.

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 Redapt invites you to take a moment to enjoy a personal story from Seattle United.